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With a team of NSW State rankers and James Ruse graduates, we are the leading specialist tuition centre for Year 5-12 English and have a demonstrated track record in enabling students to achieve high results.

Our unique and comprehensive approach to English recognises that excelling at school requires both targeted school assessment help during our lessons, as well as building solid foundations with our weekly, syllabus-focused booklets. Our friendly english tutors inspire students to appreciate the beauty of literature while teaching the essential techniques needed to achieve top marks.

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With results topping the state we have a team of the most qualified English specialist tutors in NSW

Julia 9th in NSW English Extension 1


9th in NSW English Extension 1

Julia is our principal at JP English with 7 years of teaching experience since achieving a NSW state rank and coming 1st at James Ruse (99.85 ATAR). While studying dentistry at University of Sydney, she continues her passion for educating young minds and has tirelessly developed the proven JP English method which has enabled her students to achieve incredible results. She is known for her engaging lessons and friendly manner,  but won’t hesitate to give constructive criticism to push her students to achieve their best. 

Joseph 3rd in NSW English Advanced, 6th in NSW English Extension 1


3rd in NSW English Advanced, 6th in NSW English Extension 1

A friendly and enthusiastic tutor, Joseph strives to impart his invaluable tips of excelling in HSC English to his students for the past 3 years. He embodies JP English’s focus on continuous practice and the holistic approach to high school English, something that had helped him gain 2 English state ranks in his own HSC year. He is passionate about inspiring his students to write with insight and precision, and maximising their aptitude for language.


7th in NSW English Extension 1

After aceing 3U English with a NSW state rank, Nikki has developed teaching experience by being a debating and public speaking coach in NSW high schools and tutoring high school english. Her strengths lie in essay writing and constructing insightful critical responses and hopes to guide her students in refining the essential skills for success in English. She is passionate about exploring new texts and also helping students craft engaging and unique creative writing pieces. (USYD Commerce Student)


96/100 English Advanced, 48/50 English Ext 1, 49/50 English Ext 2

Scoring an impressive full marks for her HSC English Extension 2 major work, Samprithi will teach you how to write with flair and sophistication, while also maintaining a genuine passion for English. She is approachable and attentive of each student’s unique needs, ensuring that each student achieves their personal best with her tailored feedback to essays and creative writing. With 3 years of teaching students, she is excellent at teaching English Advanced and Extension 1, coming top 5 for both at James Ruse and scoring 96/100 and 48/50 respectively (99.70 ATAR). 

6th in NSW English Advanced


6th in NSW English Advanced

With impressive academic credentials such as coming 6th in the State for English Advanced (99.40 ATAR), Melvern is eager to help students achieve their best. Additionally, with his teaching philosophy engineered around honesty and a genuine care for students’ work, he has been able to perfect not only his teaching style to ensure that all students feel comfortable, but has been able to translate his method into solid results. Melvern is experienced, dedicated and passionate – known for his in-depth and high quality feedback and analytical skills that will equip you for success.

Albert 95/100 English Advanced


95/100 English Advanced

With 5 years of English tutoring experience while pursuing his medical studies, Albert knows exactly how to make each student motivated to excel in his English classes, even those who initially find English daunting. He strives to give each student individualised attention to identify and focus on improving their weaknesses while encouraging their strengths, passing on insider tips that has allowed him to place 3rd at James Ruse for Prelim English Advanced, and scoring 95/100 for the HSC exam (99.15 ATAR)

Rebecca 97/100 English Advanced


97/100 English Advanced

Since graduating from Hornsby Girls with a 97/100 in English Advanced, Rebecca endeavours to
equip students with the optimal methods and techniques for maximal performance. Her
emphasis on a tailored approach allows her to assist each student with their distinctive needs
and focus on developing writing with nuance and sophistication. With an in-depth understanding of the syllabus, she strives to inspire motivation to provide tangible improvement
and results.

Zami 96/100 English Advanced


96/100 English Advanced

Scoring an impressive 96/100 for English Advanced, Zami (James Ruse graduate) knows the exact methods to maximise exam performance, scoring a near perfect score on her own trial HSC exams. She strives to collaborate with students to perfect their essays, with particular focus on the clarity and sophistication of their argument. With a caring and patient demeanour, she not only acts as a tutor but also as a mentor during the stressful times during high school life.


Since graduating from James Ruse and obtaining a Band 6 in English Advanced, Krishna now aims to be a friendly english tutor that inspires students to increase their confidence in analysing literature.  Having been a JP student during his high school years, Krishna is now back in our classrooms as a tutor who continues on the JP English method of enriching young minds.  

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