Year 6-10

At JP English, we understand that the foundations are essential for success in senior high school English. Therefore, we give you the best from Day 1 so you always achieve the best

Our focus areas

Essay Writing

Our english tutors teach essay writing as early as Week 1 of Year 7, weekly booklets train students to understand grammar in the context of essay writing, and write PEEL paragraphs on a variety of text types: poems, novels, Shakespearean plays, films and speeches. We expand upon this by doing comparative studies and seeing how context shapes meaning.


We start off each lesson with a 15min quiz to consolidate previous material. Working under time pressure weekly also allows students to practice answering the question and improve exam technique. Model answers are provided to show what is needed for top marks.

School Assessment and Exam Preparation

There are designated times throughout each lesson to edit school assessments. For Terms 2 and 4 every year, we have 4 weeks of exam preparation for the half yearlies and yearlies, where we cover: comprehension exams, essay writing, creative writing, school assignments.

Creative, Discursive and Persuasive Writing

We encourage artistic flair with writing, yet also have a structured approach at breaking down key elements of the writing styles required by the NESA syllabus. We also teach students how to write reflections that have what markers are looking for.

Free Unlimited Marking Service

Students enrolled in weekly group classes are entitled to submit unlimited number of scripts for online marking throughout the term. This, combined with our in class assessment help, helps to maximise school exam and assessment performance.

Sample Answers and Student Exemplars

We believe in the value of having model answers for our weekly booklets so students know exactly what markers are looking for. Also, we discuss student exemplars from our state ranking ex-students to guide current students towards achieving top marks.

Your steps to success

Schools we specialise in

Given the subjectivity of English, marking styles of teachers vary between schools which is why it is essential to have experienced English tutors guide your child. With a combined 30+ years of experience, our tutors have in-depth knowledge of what gets top marks at the following schools which are attended by the majority of our students: 

Note: We also take enrolments from schools not on this list. 

“This tutoring program covers a lot of information, which tutors deliver in concise sections that can be easily absorbed. The structure is eloquent, logical and efficient. JP English Tutoring has obviously put a lot of thought, effort and expertise into designing this program. But it isn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits come from doing homework, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the tutor and other students."
M Dean
Year 9 Student

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