Year 11

Our dedicated tutors at JP English know exactly what exam preparation you’ll need to excel in every school assessment. We give you a headstart now so you can ace not only this year, but also Year 12. 

Course Content

The Year 11 course aims to provide detailed support for each module covered at school, focusing especially on school assessment and exam preparation. This year is crucial for students to focus on developing insightful arguments in essay writing and write with sophistication in creative writing to prepare for Year 12. 

School Assessment Preparation

Every term has a 3-4 week block which focuses purely on school assessments, as well as designated times throughout all normal lessons to maximise school performance.

Sample Answers and Student Exemplars

Our Year 11 english tutors give you additional insight into what is required for top marks by having sample answers for our booklets and discussing student exemplars from past top performing students e.g. state rankers.

Reading to Write (Term 1)

We have detailed booklets which clarify how to write good creatives (characterisation, style, narrative voice, setting and plot devices), reflections and essays on complex texts. We focus on how texts showcase the power of storytelling. We also give students a headstart to Year 12 Craft of Writing module.

Narratives that Shape our World (Term 1-2)

We explore how context shapes meaning in texts and weekly class material involve comparative studies so students can write insightful essays under exam pressure. We discuss the significance of context in shaping meaning. We incorporate an indepth study of one of the most commonly studied Year 12 Module A texts to teach the intricacies of comparative studies.

Critical Study of Literature (Term 2-3)

We practice analysing different text types (novels, films, Shakespearean plays, poetry etc) and construct insightful arguments about how textual integrity is achieved. We incorporate an indepth study of a commonly studied Shakespearean play in the Year 12 Module B syllabus.

Free Unlimited Marking Service

Students enrolled in weekly group classes are entitled to submit unlimited number of scripts for online marking throughout the term. This, combined with our in class assessment help, helps to maximise school exam and assessment performance.

Schools we specialise in

Given the subjectivity of English, marking styles of teachers vary between schools which is why it is essential to have experienced English tutors guide your child. With a combined 30+ years of experience, our tutors have in-depth knowledge of what gets top marks at the following schools which are attended by the majority of our students: 

“JP English Specialist Tuition is an excellent private English tutoring platform that has enabled my daughter to enjoy learning whilst enhancing her performance at her school, Hornsby Girls. My daughter’s tutor provided her class with well structured materials and the tailored lessons have assisted her individual learning needs."
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