Our Approach

Our experienced English tutors have insider knowledge of the methods needed to achieve top marks. Accordingly, we have designed our lessons at JP English to maximise exam performance in the most efficient way.

Our philosophy

We take English seriously

Unlike a lot of other tuition centres, we only teach English and dedicate all our time to improving our students in English. If you want to take English seriously, you come to the right place.

Excel with precision

At JP English, our tutors want to maximise your marks with efficiency, providing a targeted approach that prioritises your school assessments and exam technique. We give each student individualised attention to address weaknesses and enhance strengths as part of our holistic approach.

We don't select our students, our students select us.

A commonly asked question by prospective parents is if we have an entrance exam. Our philosophy at JP English is that we accept all students, regardless of their initial level in English. This is because we believe that every student has the potential to excel if they are motivated enough and are given the right guidance.

Guided by the best

With state rankers and James Ruse graduates on our team, our minimum criteria for JP English tutors is a 95/100 HSC English Advanced exam mark. Our hand-selected tutors are professional yet friendly, striving to inspire students to reach the highest standard.

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