Year 3-4 English

At JP English, we have designed an advanced course that specialises in the English section of the OC test. 

Our approach

To many students, English is the most difficult section of the OC test. Therefore, we have designed a specialised course that focuses on understanding each question type that can be found in the OC exam so your child is thoroughly prepared. Your child will only be taught by top selective school graduates. We start our course from Year 3 Term 1 – Year 4 Term 2. We take a break in Year 4 Term 3. In Year 4 Term 4, we have a reading and writing course which gives students foundational knowledge to excel in the reading and writing sections of the selective or scholarship exams.

Our Year 3-4 English Program

English THEORY AND TRIAL TEST PROGRAM (1.5 hrs weekly)

Below is our course structure. 


“The dedicated team at JP goes above and beyond, investing their time and effort to help each and every student. Personally, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in my English proficiency since I began my journey with JP teachers."
S Zhao

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