What our students and parents say

At JP English, we use students’ feedback to help improve our services and are very thankful for the continued support and kind words from parents and students.

The format of the lessons boosted my confidence to implement new techniques and methods in my school assignments instantly. I didn’t just learn “how” to write – “what” and “why” also became much clearer. In the year that I first joined, I came 1st in my cohort, and up to now, my assessments score high As, if not full marks! I can only thank JP English for my remarkable transition from being a student who struggled with English to a student who can now comfortably sit in English class, understanding what the teacher wants. 🙂
M. Dean
Before Julia’s tutoring, my daughter was recommended by her school to do Standard English for Year 11. Under Julia’s guidance, my daughter persisted with the HSC Advanced course ranked 7th in Year 12 with a Band 6 HSC mark. (Cheltenham Girls’ High School 2018)

My son has also been tutored by Julia in HSC Advanced English. At the end of Year 11 he ranked 8/110, and his half yearly ranking in Year 12 is 5/78 (Epping Boys’ High School 2020)
K. Collins
Julia’s extensive insight on both essay and creative writing, structured lessons and school assessment help has aided my child’s English skills. Under the guidance of both Julia and Albert, my child has managed to come first in her cohort for year 7 english and achieved consistent 100s throughout the first semester of year 8 and the entirety of year 9 (James Ruse Agricultural High School).
Z. Peng
Structured materials and the consistent feedback provided has allowed my daughter to target her weaknesses, improving her marks from 80 to 91 for English Adv and coming 6th in her grade for Extension English (Hornsby Girls High School). Offering a high quality service at an affordable price, I would not hesitate to recommend JP English Specialist Tuition!
A. Law
When my daughter started going to high school, she found it challenging to transition from primary school to high school English. However after starting JP English Tuition, I saw a big progress in her English as she achieved high marks. Her English grades rose from B's to A+'s (Cherrybrook Technology High School). This also allowed her to be more confident and interested in English due to these weekly classes. I strongly recommend receiving this tutelage for high schoolers.
G. Thurai
Prior to Ricky attending English lessons at JP English, he was achieving average marks of approximately 65~70/100. His average marks have since risen to an average of 85~90/100 (Cherrybrook Tech). I would like to thank JP English for their support and friendly manner and would recommend them to any of my family and friends.
Y. Wu
I am highly grateful to JP English Specialist for enhancing my child’s English skills, from a subject that wasn’t enjoyed at school to becoming her favourite and highest scoring subject. Through the tutoring she was able to rank 1st in her year (Cheltenham Girls). The structure and delivery is very methodical. I highly recommend JP English Specialist.
G. Irani