Year 3-11 Holiday Course

Accelerated learning for students who have missed out on the previous term.

Course contents

Available from Year 3 Term 1 to Year 11 Term 1 to help students who have missed out of the previous term’s lessons. Book our 5 day Accelerated Holiday course to learn the previous term’s content in 5 condensed lessons. Our inspirational tutors will also help you with exam preparation during lessons. Fast track your learning in time for the new term!

Class times depend on mutual availabilities of enrolled students.

Note: due to the structure of our Year 11 Term 2 -3 and Year 12 courses, we do not offer holiday lessons for these year groups.

“The learning experience and teachers at JP English offers is exceptional and unique. Each lesson is well structured and aims to develop thorough English skills essential for attaining top marks in high school. The feedback given is constructive and allows for clear steps to achieve improvement."
A Xie

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